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Illustration of Terms of Services


Terms and Conditions for Services Offered by Rizal Consulting


Following are some of the terms and conditions of the services offered on the website of a professional IT consultant from Bogor Regency, West Java, Rizal Consulting..


Working Days

Rizal Consulting provides IT consulting services normally from Saturday to Thursday, with working hours from 09.00 to 17.00 WIB. Exceptions for working days and hours include:

  1. Obligatory prayer times
  2. Islamic holidays + Tasyrik Days
  3. The week before and after Idul Fitri (homecoming)

Services Fees

  1. Normal service fees are adjusted to the level of difficulty of the consultation required, with prices starting at USD 5 per hour.
  2. For services to the client's place, a transportation fee will be charged, the amount of which is calculated based on the GOCAR Go-Round service rate.
  3. Accommodation, if needed, as referred to in point (2), is fully borne by the client.
  4. Place to stay if needed, as referred to in point (3), preferably in one's own room and conducive to being able to carry out worship.

Out-of-Hours Services

  1. Requests for IT consulting services outside of working days should be agreed upon in advance.
  2. This provision does not apply to the time of obligatory prayers or Eid prayers.
  3. Services outside working hours are subject to an adjusted fee, with a minimum rate of 1.5 times the normal service fee.

Payment and Work

  1. Regular online consulting services will be provided after the client has transferred 100% of the agreed fee.
  2. Consultation services at the client's place will be provided after the client transfers the round-trip costs and pocket money during the trip.
  3. For web or application creation services, work will be carried out after the client transfers fees with the following terms: 50% down payment, 25% initial upload, and 25% after final work.
  4. If not stated at the beginning or there is a difference of opinion, then the payment terms are agreed upon: 50% DP, 25% initial upload, and 25% after final work.
  5. The working time for consulting services is adjusted according to the agreement or based on the promises and guarantees for the work time that we include.
  6. Payments in USD currency are considered valid if the funds have been received in the bank, paypal, or multipayment account that we have provided.


You can ask other questions regarding this matter by contacting us via telepon, whatsapp, telegram, or email.