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Refund Policy: Terms and Conditions for Money That Have Been Paid


Following are some of the terms and conditions for refunds that have been paid for services ordered on the Rizal Consulting IT Consulting website.



We provide a money-back or refund guarantee, with the following conditions:

  1. If the consulting service is performed and exceeds the promised processing time,
  2. If the client requests a refund before the IT consultation is carried out.
  3. Refunds as referred to in points (1) and (2) are subject to an administration fee of USD 2.

Refunds we do not give if:

  1. IT consulting as requested by the client has started or is being carried out, which is marked among others:
    1. Already done leasing domains or hosting for at least a year.
    2. We are already present for the client when asked to provide services on site.
    3. The initial design of the program or application (other than website work) has been made and shown to the client.
    4. If the consulting service requires the availability of certain hardware or software that has been purchased.
  2. The services ordered through the marketplace have already been delivered.
  3. The client makes changes to service details in the middle of something that is not in accordance with the initial agreement, or there is no provision in the previous change clause.
  4. An accident (force majeure) that causes client funds to be non-refundable, such as:
    1. fire
    2. theft/robbery
    3. missing
    4. etc.

Other questions regarding this matter can be answered by contacting us via phone, whatsapp, telegram, or email.