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Website Renovation Services

Get website renovation solutions for a new look, security, and SEO-friendly

Bored with the appearance of your website? Want to add a new feature? Or, you want to strengthen website security to improve its SEO effectiveness. We're here to help! Our website renovation services are available starting at USD 10.

Why choose our website renovation services?

Experienced Team

We have been working in this field since 2006 with various client backgrounds from various regions in Indonesia.

Reliable Professional

We run this profession full-time, not just as a side or seasonal business.

Flexible Service

You don't need to worry about providing facilities or a monthly salary. Pay only for the website renovations you need.

Online Support

Services are provided online, so you can quickly get results without leaving your seat.

Competitive price

You can get optimal service at a competitive price and according to your budget.

Protected Privacy

Don't want others to know that your website has been revamped? Does not matter! You can tell us.

Some of the clients we've handled

Ilustrasi orang mengetik di laptop

„We try to provide website renovation services that are not only fast and professional but also contain elements of security.“

— Muhammad Fauzi Rizal, Pemilik

Website Renovation Process

Rizal Consulting offers renovation services for WordPress, Joomla, and other HTML-based websites according to your needs and budget. Orders can start with one additional feature or change the appearance with the following process details:

Make an Order

  1. Please contact us with your needs.
  2. We will then provide a cost quote based on the needs that you convey.
  3. You can transfer service fees according to the agreement to the destination account provided.

Preliminary Information

  • After completing the payment, please send all renovation materials needed
  • For video content, please upload it first to your YouTube channel
  • Send us the link and your website admin login account so we can start renovating.
    • For Joomla, Wordpress, or other CMS websites, the minimum user role is admin level
    • For non CMS or MVC websites, a CPanel or Plesk link and account may be required.

Website Renovation

  • We will purchase the plugin if you provide the budget. For free plugins, we will immediately install
  • For image-related changes, we will compress them so they load faster
  • For HTML or CSS code, we will try to compress it where possible
  • For SEO or security advice that is impossible for us to do, at least we will convey the basic points to you
  • Updates can be viewed immediately online within a minimum of 1 working day

Renovate your website with us.

Get a professional and trusted website renovation service for a new website appearance or enhanced features.

Let's Connect

Don't want to use the contact form? No problem; you can always contact us via email, phone, or even by coming to our studio.

Contact Info

Contact us

Want us to contact you? Please leave your email address or phone number, and we will contact you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Top questions about website renovation services at Rizal IT Consulting


What Websites Can Be Renovated?
  • Basically, God willing, we are ready to manage HTML and PHP websites, with specialization: Wordpress and Joomla
  • However, we are not willing to renovate websites that display content that:
    • contrary to Islamic law,
    • out of the norms prevailing in society,
    • has a great opportunity to raise pros and cons,
    • potentially violates laws and regulations in force in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.
Why is it recommended to use videos that have been uploaded to YouTube?
Displaying videos from YouTube saves more bandwidth on your website hosting. And your website's load times are also usually faster. This will affect the SEO of your website pages.


What About Security Issues From Given Account Login Info?
  • You can--and we highly recommend--that you change your account login info immediately after the website renovation process is complete.
  • We guarantee that we will not intentionally install backdoors or security holes on your website. We have handled hacked websites several times and we understand how troublesome and inconvenient it is for website owners.
  • In fact, there is no online system that is 100% safe from hacking, even in the class of state institutions with large security budgets. Therefore, if you are still unsure, we suggest you should not continue.
Are there backlinks on the revised page?
  • We do not load backlinks to our site where not allowed
  • For backlinks that come from plugins used when remodeling, that is beyond our control.


How long will it take for the update to be seen?
If not stated, the update can be seen online at the earliest within one working day.
Can I request a revised page revision?
  • We can perform minor revisions of revamped pages. However, we strongly recommend that you submit final renovation materials if possible.
  • We will ask for additional fees if needed.

Have Another Questions?

Have other questions about the website renovation services that we offer? Let's connect. We are very happy to hear from you.
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